Your roof is paramount to the protection of your home, so it is crucial to find a reputable, high-quality contractor when repair works need undertaking. However, this can be a difficult task due to the many options available. Form large companies to smaller self-employed contractors, how do you know who’s right for you? Roof repairs can be a big investment and takes careful consideration, so this article will help you choose the most reliable and quality roofing contractor for you.

  1. Research Credible, Qualified, Insured and Experienced Contractors

The first step to choosing a roofing contractor is to research. Ask family and friends for their recommendations or consult a reputable trade association. Check out online reviews and testimonials of contractors, taking note of the quality of work, how long it took to complete, and cost.

Look for contractors who have previous similar experience to the work you need carrying out. For example, if you need to perform work on your flat roof, find a contractor with flat roof experience. Likewise, if you need guttering repairs, find a contractor with expertise in this area.

When researching for credible contractors, make sure your roofing contractor has the correct credentials, certifications and accreditations and is licensed and insured. Contractors should be members of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), as they go through rigorous testing and checks every 3 years, have public, employers, and third party insurance, and follow health and safety legislation, codes of practice, and British and European standards.

Research their previous work to make sure they have relevant experience and specialist knowledge to fix your roof. For example, if you need new lead flashing, ask them for examples of previous lead flashing work and ask to see their portfolio.

  1. Obtain Detailed Quotes

Next, get quotes from at least 3 different contractors with multiple opinions on how to solve the issue. However, don’t just take the cheapest quote as often a lower price can indicate lower quality. Also, be wary of cash or VAT-free deals.

Remember that price isn’t everything and your choice should be based on the quality of service and your confidence in the contractor. Taking a cheaper quote can be more expensive in the long run as it could be more expensive if they haven’t completed the job properly.

Find out what’s included in the quote and that it is given in writing so that you can precisely understand the exact pricing and extent of the job. The quote should include such things as the cost of materials and scaffolding. Know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re getting for your money.

Note that in some cases only an estimate can be made as the full scale of the job can’t be determined until the external tiles have been removed and the substructure can be assessed beneath.

Agree the payment and a payment schedule before the work commences and don’t pay for it all up front. Only pay the final instalment once you are happy with the work that has been carried out.

  1. Ensure You Are Covered

Ensure you get a guarantee and are covered for the work, especially if the job involves a major refurbishment or a whole new roof.  For new roofs, you should be presented with full Building Regulations documentation by your contractor and should be in line with local authority legislation. For larger jobs, roofers should supply a written contract of works.

Ensure that you are protected by a warranty. Find out what kind of warranty is offered and read its details to decipher whether it covers materials and workmanship and whether you are covered if they go out of business. You should also establish whether you need planning permission and gain it if required.

Choose a roofing contractor near you whose methods suit your lifestyle and causes minimum inconvenience.

Consider what will happen if unforeseen charges pop up, penalties if the work isn’t finished on time, and what will happen if prolonged adverse weather prevents work. Determine when the work will begin and end, what materials will be used, who will remove debris and clean up afterwards, what hours they will work, and how the work will be carried out.

Choose a Reliable, Experienced, Reputable, High-Quality Roofing Contractor

It is crucial to find a reputable, high-quality roofing contractor, as this ensures the protection of your home. When choosing a contractor, research credible experts, identify those with relevant experience, make sure they are qualified, licensed and insured, get detailed quotes to understand exactly what you’re paying for, ensure you are covered for the work with a guarantee and warranty, and make sure the contractor suits your needs. Follow these tips to choose the most reliable, experienced, and quality roofing contractor for you.

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